Saturday, 2 October 2010

What Is The Difference Between Al-qaeda and Al Gore...?

"Alqaeda is rebranding After Being Rejected by Most Arabs" according to a jihadi media expert.

The new Usama tape, first one since March has been coined the title "stop the method of relief work" by media and extremist sites.  It looks like it was again released to Al Jazeera. They must feel very popular...

Bin Laden's environmental ethics reitterate "how to save the planet" audio in June, in which he linked the war in Iraq to America's plundering of the black stuff for the big cooperations. It reads like Bob Geldoff's middle east tour.

This is a link to the new audio for those of you who just want to hear his voice...

Jarret brachman in her blog  at also asserts the "rebranding".

A paraphrase from his latest video asserts "Providing tents, food and medicine is a duty... but the disasters [facing many Muslim countries] are much bigger than what is being offered."

Staunch right-wing conservatives have latched onto Al-qaeda alleged environmentalism, coining the anecdote "what is the difference between Bin Laden and Al Gore"...

The general consensus is that the "rebranding" is to pull in support from those not too enamoured by the 9/11 , london tube style spectaculars. Al-qaeda is rebranding.

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