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What's it about?

Song numbers and barbershop scenes galore in this remake of Aakrosh.


Priyadarshan directs the star studded, high drama, feast for the eyes, leaving his usual rom-com on the fringes to tackle the highly fraught political subject of honour-killings.


Check- exaggerated action sequences- Devgn's fluid monkey climbing while giving directions on a moving car-top),  Bipasha changes out of her sari for the song numbers and a background love story played out between Ajay Devgn and Bipasha Basu. 


The CBI officers Siddhant and Aditya, played by Akshaye Kumar and Ajay Devgn investigate the disappearance of three medical students in a backwater village.


Their efforts are frustrated by locals muted by fear and the sloppy, corrupt local police, who are more often than not down the barber shop, or drinking, or both.  

The backstory: 

This is the third remake of Aakrosh, (1980, 1998)

Is it worth an evening and a tub of popcorn?    
For a western audience, the detective duo gives a nod to the Lethal Weapon type cop pairing we all know and love.

It's all strung together by an elaborate and somewhat convoluted plot-line. An enjoyable outing and experimental foray for Priyadarshan, with a very memorable car chase and suspenseful action scenes including the hacking to death of three youngsters. 

There's always bags of humour though to provide light relief as well as an interval to stretch your legs.

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