Sunday, 17 October 2010

"Say-is there any way of not spending ANYTHING and yet not reduce taxes?

Chubby public schoolboy and his accountant/maid. A Thatcherite cold front has descended upon the streets of Britain spelling death to the "dole culture". 

The Conservatives are wielding the Axe of Austerity and Lib-dems are struggling with being under-lings. 

It will take 12 years for people to forget the lib-dems "betrayal", which is the same amount of time as it took voters to forget that a conservative government =cuts, a lot of talk about values and not much else.

Policy selection has never been more simplistic "-if it saves money we'll do it."

"If anyone can come up with another idea for schools that doesn't require funding then we'd welcome it. " says Cameron.

Whoever proposed the prisoner education scheme proposals, really- what were you thinking?  This country is on the brink of bankruptcy. We need to keep offenders uneducated so they in all chance reoffend.  

Imagine them coming out of Wandsworth speaking fluent French and waving around a degree in economics. It's cheaper to keep them in those drab conditions than create more jobs you know. Those prison pastors are the problem. They keep converting felons into respectable members of society. We have enough of those-and enough born-agains taking over theatres and stadiums!"

By Shaun Humphreys

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