Monday, 4 October 2010

Met's Labyrinth

First day of lectures at uni.

"Please tell me how to find room TMG-61" I asked, after looking at the different colours and shapes on the map for so long my mind retreated into a corner and assumed the foetal position.

After being told in no uncertain terms that it was across the courtyard, up the stairs and to the left, I dutifully did as I was told, went across the courtyard, through the doors and encountered my first obstacle. How far up the stairs? 

The first lot, which, if you go through and to the left, bear no resemblance to the room you are supposed to be in, or all the way up the stairs, which bear no resemblance to the floor you are supposed to be on?

So I retraced my steps and turned right instead of left, and that was good.
You might conclude that it was my misunderstanding of the original directions, and I would be prepared to agree.


The week before, welcome week, I thought I was being oh so clever by following the signs to the room I needed to be in.  I carried on in the general direction when the signs stopped, thinking the right room would reveal itself to me if I carried on in that direction. No. 

Figuring myself to be hopelessly lost, I accosted the first person in a purple top I found and asked for directions. She cheerily informed me that all I had to do was go up the flight of stairs she was pointing to, follow the landing, give my regards to the explorers of the South Pole, and then I would find my classroom.

Exaggeration? Naa. Even the lecturers agree that we should arrive early, as it may take us some time to find the right room. So here is an equally useful map of the labyrinth, courtesy of Escher:


  1. and im taking this map around with me.

  2. You might even find your classroom. Hooray for Escher.

  3. Love this Jane!
    Big thumbs up :)