Saturday, 18 December 2010

Analysis: Who is John Bredencamp?

A Zanu- PF (Robert Mugabe's ruling party) source quotes in the latest leaked memo:

"John Bredencamp [sic], a shady white Zimbabwean businessman, had told Zanu-PF he would provide a financial 'retirement' package for Mugabe".

Rumours in Zimbabwe for 2 decades claim Bredencamp works for the MI6. Bredencamp has also been named as a Mugabe crone.  The multimillionaire, who has a home in Berkshire made his money in tobacco farming and was named in a 2002 UN report as a key arms trader who made millions of pounds from illegally exploiting natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bredenkamp, who did not respond to Observer emails rejected the UN's claims and has pursued legal action to clear his name.

The cable claims that the British could use Bredencamp's m16 connections as      
"a channel for the British to provide funds to sweeten the deal" with Mugabe.

The memo shows that UN head at the time Kofi Annan offered Mugabe a deal to step down The deal is thought to have consisted of a safe haven and financial package.  The package was rejected by Mugage. 

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