Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tube Strike Was a Communication Fiasco.

The TSSA union have claimed they waited up to the day off last Sunday evening’s Tube strike for a response from the Mayor in negotiations.

 However Transport for London (TfL) say there were absolutely no communications from the unions and admit they were baffled by TSSA’s claims.  When asked if they tried to arrange a meeting, TfL didn’t respond.

 The one day stand-alone strike seems to have been more of a protest having sparked no negotiations from either side. According to the head of TSSA Gerry Doherty: 

We wrote over six months ago…. to discuss plans to cut 800 ticket office jobs and slash opening hours by more than 6,000 hours at more than 250 stations.
“So far, [Mayor Boris Johnson] has not bothered to reply. Even at this late hour, we would urge him to stop playing to the gallery and enter into urgent talks to resolve this dispute before Sunday evening.” 

In a press release from the last few days TFL announced a 28 percent loss in ticket sales over the past four years owing to the popularity of the Oyster card.

The so called “reductions” aim to redistribute ticket staff from now quiet ticket offices e.g. north Ealing.  What exactly this redistribution will entail isn’t specified, nor the change of job role inferred. TFL promises “no forced redundancies”.
TFL have received two more proposed strike actions to come in November.

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