Saturday, 23 October 2010

paranormal activity 2 Review

What's it about?

This "found footage"conceit micro budget prequel to the well received 1st installment relies on the success of its predecessor's opening weekend, and a much hyped teaser trailer.

This weekend saw Paranormal 2  break R rated midnight records on Friday on its way to $20 million. 

It follows Kristi Rey, her husband Daniel, their toddler son Hunter and Daniel's daughter Ally as after an alleged break in they install cameras in the house. Queue, more poltergeist jolts and bolts. 

Using a minimalist build up Ali and Kristi face ever more menacing jolts. In a  slightly rushed finale Kristi starts acting strange.  

The transition from poltergeist to demonic possession is signalled by disorientating hand held footage from Eli's video camera.

The Backstory: Although the Blair Witch marked the popular trend in the found footage genre, its origins actually go a little further back to the 1980 Cannibal Holocaust, a film banned in several countries including UK, and Australia.

For the first 40 mins its marginally more entertaining than Big Brother at 3am, punctured with the occasional clatter of sauce pans. You feel somewhat cheated out of your money especially if you were one of the ones who forked out for the advanced screening...

Adds nothing new to the original or the genre. The build up is too slow,and lacks the menace of the 1st installment and other found footage romps like Cloverfield. 

The jolts, bolts and chills will be sure to drive your date clinging to your arm but worth seeing alone for the shocking last ten minute finale which I won't give away here, but for those of you who have seen the first one- "heeeeres Katie!".

By Shaun Humphreys

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