Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Honeygene play the Gaff

“More volume please!” says Phil Honey-Jones from Honeygene, ready to launch into the next number called “Only 17”.

“This one’s for the teenagers”, he says, indulging in a quick joke with his daughter Charlie Allen before setting the crowd rocking with their unique sound, a fusion of Acoustic / Alternative / Rockabilly, complemented perfectly by Charlie’s beautiful classically trained voice.

They started writing together on a sad note in 2007, producing a song called “Perfect Harmony” in honour of Phil’s mum who was dying of liver cancer.

However, the music is uplifting, a fusion of different influences including Johnny Cash, the Rolling Stones and Blondie. There is also a strong reggae influence, apparent in the first track, “The One Thing”, accompanied by TJ Tarantino on bass and Adam Lewis on drums.

They describe themselves as “dreamers”, and
“Full of Dreams” is the fifth track, starting with a subtle acoustic intro until the drums and bass pitch in with a much heavier sound.

“Truckin’ Love”, the highlight of the evening, finishes with a flourish of drums and everyone on a high.

When asked what song meant the most to him, Phil was reluctant to single one out, saying that they all meant a lot. He says that the songwriting “all happens very naturally”. Charlie says that she “wrote a lot more in the second album”, emphasizing the reggae influence that they call “reggae love pop”.

Honeygene have released one album so far,  “A Beautiful Place to get Lost”, with a new album coming out soon called “Under the Almond Tree”.

By Jane Playdon.

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